We are a traditional male Hash, which run 7.00 pm sharp every Monday. Runs are from parks in the summer and halls, pubs and homes in the winter. Meals are provided by the Hare and are free to visitors, liquid nourishments are available from the Melbourne Refreshments trailer.


Grand Master:
Karl Habres (Adolf)
0412 144 965(M)

Other Contacts:

Run Master: Nils Broders (Top Gum) ilzebroders@gmail.com 9720 6285(H) 0432 748 414(M)
On Sec: Doug Traynor (Quasi) traynor26@bigpond.com 0418 313 737(M)
Hash Cash:

Doug Traynor (Quasi)

traynor26@bigpond.com 0418 313 737(M)

2017 Year Book - Bionic, having ordinary physical powers enhanced by use of artificial body part

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This Week's Run 28th May


Established 1971

email: melbournehhh@gmail.com


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